Spring 2019 Update

Hello gamefans! Getting straight to the point: yes the lack of updates has been criminal at best. Thank you to everyone who has reached out through various methods. Know that I appreciate it, and my shame at falling so behind is astronomical.


The explanation is simple: this year at work has been insane, but rewarding. I got selected as department chair at the start of the year (quite a feat for a neonate teacher) and the resulting meetings and paperwork have been overwhelming, on top of teaching a lot of new material and trying to get a new AP science course off the ground for the coming year. Overall, though, while my writing has fallen behind, I am pleased at the new skills I have been developing to further my IRL career.

And I’m not gonna lie, years of playing vampire-politics has helped me in no small way as well. 😉

As for where the game currently stands in real-time, believe it or not we are actually approaching its end. It’s been delayed somewhat due to work stresses on everyone’s part; over the past season we’ve only been meeting on average about once a month. But it’s still alive and we are looking forward to a final conclusion to all the story arcs we’ve had so far.

For the writeups, well, I did pull a dick-move by leaving everyone hanging at the height of the action, so my goal is by the start of my summer break get out the posts which conclude the current chapter of action, then see about condensing the next major threads to speed the process along as best I can. It’s gonna be hard, though, since over the last year we’ve had a couple technical mistakes and lost at least two full recordings, so some of it will have to be pieced together based on notes, memory, and hope.

Thank you everyone who continues to go on this journey with us!

PS Edit: Also, for those who are Patreon-supporters, in case you didn’t notice, note that I turned off monthly-support payments last fall so you won’t be charged again until I post an actual post of content.

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3 Responses to Spring 2019 Update

  1. Ahhhh I had a feeling today was going to bring good news ^^ Massive congratulations on your career developments! I’m so glad to hear you folks are all still enjoying the game and can’t wait to read the next update

  2. blindinkpoet says:

    Oh, sh*t, this was unexpected! Glad to hear from you again! Looking forward to your next update, but warn with enough time for me to reread the backlog. I’ll need to remember everything xD

  3. Raf says:

    It’s perfectly understandable, I’m happy to hear the good news from your life away from the keyboard!

    And I’m double happy that you still intend on posting 😀

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