Known NPCs

This list records the name and basic identities of all known/revealed NPC characters at the time of the most-recent game. I try to leave this list as simple as possible to help avoid spoilers but some will arise. Dead characters are not explicitly identified as such, though.

Historical characters are linked to their Wikipedia articles. Some other characters are also linked other pertinent sources. Canonical characters are indicated, although our details may vary.

SF Camarilla Leadership

  • Prince Van Nuys – Ventrue
  • John Edmundson – Toreador
  • Sebastien Le Croix (aka Oscar Wilde)  – Malkavian (Replaced as Primogen by Norton) (canon)
  • Emperor Joshua Abraham Norton – Malkavian (“Ruler of These United States and Protector of Mexico”)
  • Maximilian Von Strauss – Tremere
  • Daunte – Brujah
  • Karl Sutro (brother of Adolph Sutro) – Nosferatu

Other Camarilla

  • Theo Bell – Brujah (Justicar) (canon)
  • Darius – ?? (Sheriff of Oakland)
  • Adrianna Pierce – ?? (Prince of Oakland)
  • Adrianus van Brugge – Tremere (guest-star played by Ben)
  • “Leopold” / Heinrich Himmler – Tremere (Runs facilities on Alcatraz and the Farallones) (canon)
  • Abelard – Nosferatu
  • Accio “The Collector” – Lasombra
  • Maimonides – Tremere
  • Bill Marshall – Ventrue (Prince of Sacramento)
  • Jean – Nosferatu (Prince of Napa, runs Val Du Rhone Vineyards)
  • Rocko – Nosferatu
  • Vannevar Hughes – Tremere (Regent from DC trying to take over the SF Chantry)
  • Oliver Thrace – Tremere (ex-Regent from Hong Kong, a supposed enemy of Dr. Everton)(canon)


  • Don Esteban De La Vega – Brujah (Baron of the Sunset District)
  • Slayer – Gangrel (Tom’s bitch)
  • John “Doc” Holliday – Salubri
  • Leland – Toreador (Baron of Berkeley)
  • Helgi Isarnbjorn Ogenherdi – Gangrel (guest-star played by Cameron)
  • Stanley – ?? (Baron of Monterey)
  • “Bev” – Brujah (one of Helgi’s men)
  • Matt – Tzimisce (guest-star played by Julian)
  • John – Gangrel (Baron of the Skyline)


  • Alejandro – Tzimisce (Bishop of San Jose)
  • Andre/Alekse Roussimov – Tzimisce (Archbishop of San Jose)
  • Marcus Sertorius Posthumus – Lasombra (technically holds rank of Priscus)
  • Aitor Extebarri – Lasombra (Marcus’ lieutenant)
  • William Liedesdorff – Malkavian (Bishop of Palo Alto/Archbishop of San Jose)
  • Cantor – Assamite (Black Hand)
  • Sergei Ivanovich – Brujah (leader of Liedesdorff’s War Party)

Other/Unaligned Vampires

  • Dr. Corwin Everton / “The Englishman” – Toreador (British scholar)
  • Isabella – Assamite (Tom’s long-lost sister, sired by Cantor)
  • Walter Perkins / The Man of Wind / Gnaeus Perpenna Vento – Lasombra (Marcus’s sire)
  • Fatima – Assamite
  • Xiang Li Weng – Giovanni (runs Chinatown)
  • Xia – Kuei-jin (enemy of Weng)
  • Orlando – Tzimisce Voivode (lives at Hearst Castle)
  • Henry Morgan – Lasombra (captain of the Revenge)
  • Albert “The Asshole” Smythe – Nosferatu (runs a pawnshop down the coast)
  • Wladislaw – Tzimisce (friend of Doc’s)
  • Nitocris – Settite sorcerer
  • Number 5 / Jalut – Rogue gargoyle
  • Dug – Paul’s “rehabilitated” gargoyle
  • Admiral Johnathan Flowers – Ravnos (historical arch-nemesis of Anstis)
  • Noah – Malkavian (accidentally sired by “Elizabeth,” Anstis’s cabin boy)
  • Domen – Gargoyle “adopted” by Georgia


  • Sophia – Glasswalker
  • Stormwalker / Alexander – Shadowlord (guest-star played by Julian)
  • Sees-Faces-in-the-Stars – Stargazer
  • Gus – Corax
  • The Rokea off the Farallones
  • Charles Steinhart / Claude  – Mokole
  • The Black Spiral Dancer
  • The Metis cub
  • Samir – Silent Strider (guest-star played by Cameron)
  • The old werewolf couple on Mount Diabolo


  • Dr. Siegfried vonNatsi – Etherite
  • Siegfried vonAusterlitz – Ecstatic
  • Victoria Lovelace (great-granddaughter of Ada Lovelace) – Etherite
  • The Way Dude” – Virtual Adept
  • Professor Barnabas Chauncey Snodgrass the Fourth – Etherite
  • Jawahar Singh – Hermetic
  • Nathaniel Sterling – Void Engineer (captain of the Pythagoras)
  • Abiodun Mwange – Hermetic Warmage
  • Daedelus – Ancient mage


  • Gates – Paul’s personal assistant (not-ghouled)
  • Klaus – Tesseract head of security (not-ghouled)
  • Jeremiah Flagg – Inquisitor
  • Martin – Tremere ghoul, works for Leopold
  • “The Winning Guy” – A coked-up dudebro we tend to run into when we least expect or want to
  • Wolfgang – Tremere ghoul, captured by Paul
  • Bob – Tremere ghoul, works for Georgia
  • Gunter – Dr. vonNatsi’s ex-gradstudent assistant
  • Vincent Van Lowe – Head of the local Myrmidon team
  • Jackson – Rabenholz’s private investment banker
  • Michèle – Works at the city blood bank
  • Rhona Tyler – Rabenholz’s assistant
  • Uncle Ruland – Racist preacher cult-leader, also possibly a Hunter
  • Cheryl Nguyen – Anstis’s on-shore ghoul/assistant
  • Liam Heikkenen – Anstis’s ghoul lieutenant in charge of running the Twilight’s Fortune when he’s away

Unknown Humanoids

  • The Sheriff (of San Francisco)
  • Mr. Ling, Werewolf hunter
  • Adam, mysterious cab driver
  • Ricardo Clement, businessman
  • Reginald – Professor Snodgrass’s manservant
  • Reinhardt Heydrich, the Man with the Iron Heart


  • Mr. Tails (Spirit squirrel)
  • Mercury (Emperor Norton’s ghouled dog, Great Dane)
  • Jupiter (Emperor Norton’s ghouled dog, Dachshund)
  • Aquilifer (Marcus’s ghouled eagle)
  • Boopsy (Anstis’s ghouled dog, Shitzu)
  • MewMew (Georgia’s “Plutonian space whale”; aka, a cat)

Non-Canonical Institutions and Objects

  • Tesseract Inc. – Paul’s company, specializing in fiberoptic telecom
  • Salome – Sebastian’s private club (under the San Francisco Yacht Club)
  • Myrmidon International – Private security firm specializing in supernatural and paranormal interests, founded by Marcus
  • “The Time-out Dagger” – A mage-crafted enchanted dagger specially tuned for taking out Marcus and members of his bloodline.
  • The Revenge – Morgan’s ship, Portland-class
  • Vera – Tom’s very favorite gun, M2
  • The Twilight’s Fortune – Anstis’s submarine, Permit-class
  • HMES Harrumph (God Save the Queen) – Snodgrass’s ethership
  • The Pythagoras – Void Engineer ship
  • Glitch – Tom’s orichalcum sword


  • Larry Ellison – Human, head of Oracle, douche. Ellison is the professional rival of Paul Stewart and is spoken of frequently but is never, ever seen. This is because the entire World of Darkness is in agreement that no matter what happens, no matter what is going on, Larry Ellison must never be allowed to find out about the existence of the World of Darkness.  As much as the different factions hate each other, everyone agrees that there’s nothing they would hate worse than an eternal, magical Larry Ellison.

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