Table of Contents

(Backlog integration still in progress Aaaargh I will never get to it will I!? xP Back in progress!  At this point, the early episode write-ups are as good as they’re going to get, sorry they’re not as polished as the later ones!)

Chapter 1: Don’t Fuck With Tom’s Bike

Chapter 2: The Attack on Tesseract

Chapter 3: Don’t Call My Name, Alejandro

Chapter 4: Ruler of these United States and Protector of Mexico

Chapter 5: Marin

Chapter 6: The Goddamn Prince Can’t Run His Own Fucking City

Chapter 7: Carlos and The San Jose Raiders

Chapter 8: A Gathering of Shadows

Chapter 9: He Blinded Me With Science

Chapter 10: Terms of Enrampagement

Chapter 11: The Dismemberments and Explosions Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Chapter 12: The Road to the Monomancy

Chapter 13: The Name of the (Man of) Wind

Chapter 14: The Devil’s Teeth

Chapter 15: Hell and High Bandwidth

Chapter 16: A Dance with Dragons

Chapter 17: Storm the Castle

Cutscene: Children of the Wolf

Chapter 18: The Boat Job

Chapter 19: Epic Rap-battles of Vampire History

Chapter 20: Travels and Tribulations

Chapter 21: Walk Like an Egyptian

Interlude: Spring Break (WOOOO!)

Chapter 22: The Tipping Point

Chapter 23: Nacht und Nebel

Chapter 24: The Once and Future Prince

Cutscene:  Through the Looking Glass

Chapter 25: Humboldt Fog

Chapter 26: The Wine-Dark Sea

Chapter 27: Storm the Chantry

Chapter 28: Bad Company

Chapter 29: An Allegorical Representation of Pre-Christian Lack of Enlightenment

Chapter 30: Elysium 2.0

Chapter 31: Back in Black

Chapter 32: Better Call Paul

Chapter 33: Three and a Half Mages

Interim Chapter: Scout’s Honor

Chapter 34: Fire on the Mountain

Chapter 35: Rabenholz and Scout’s Excellent Adventure

  • TBA


Chapter 36: TBA

  • 12/07
  • 12/14
  • 12/21
  • 1/05
  • 1/11
  • 1/18
  • 2/2
  • 2/8
  • 2/15
  • 3/17
  • 3/22

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