The Player Characters

Active Primary

Georgia Johnson – Tremere

    • Played by Kara
    • Originally from Renaissance Italy, involved in the Omen War, other details on her backstory yet unknown
    • Sent to SF from Seattle Chantry for reasons also yet unknown
    • Presently one of the only living Tremere left in SF
    • Hangs around with Dr. vonNatsi way too much for anyone’s good

Pfalzgraf Augustus von Rabenholz – Ventrue

    • Played by Chris
    • An aristocratic gentleman from an old German family
    • A face like Count Dooku and a voice like Count Dooku and mannerisms like Count Dooku and do you get the sense what the character concept is?
    • Once the Prince of Cologne/Köln, was somehow dethroned and is now looking to establish a new empire

Thomas Anstis – Gangrel

    • Played by Jim
    • Pirate captain from the 1700’s Golden Age of Piracy
    • Was staked by a mutinous crew
    • Recently woke up in our time
    • Trying to collect all the disciplines like they’re fucking Pokemon cards
    • Pretty damn pirate-y

“Scout” – Unknown

    • Played by Colleen
    • A twenty-something woman of indeterminate clan, though she has vaguely indicated she might be Caitiff
    • New in the city, seems to have regular contact with someone behind the scenes, someone she is genuinely afraid of
    • Caucasian, thin, usually wears cleanly-tailored business clothes and dark hair with a half-blue ombre dye job
    • Known/Suspected Disciplines to date: Obfuscate
    • Such coy. Very mystery.

Active Secondary

Tom Lytton – Brujah

    • Played by Colleen, main POV for the majority of this blog
    • Gay, active in local leather and BDSM scenes
    • Became a vampire after being diagnosed with AIDS in early-90s, still harbors the virus and has possibility of spreading it
    • Dislikes authority, especially incompetent authority
    • Dislikes being a vampire, enjoys being snarky and irreverent
    • Rolls around town on a Honda Valkyrie Rune motorcycle pink Vespa, brandishing leather gear and a bullwhip
    • Often gets his guns taken away from him
    • Currently is in metaphorical-carbonite, captured by Lord Rabenholz and shoved in a mirror-dimension

Paul Stewart – Toreador

    • Played by Chris
    • Owner/Founder/CEO of Tesseract Inc, a major telecommunications company which has figured out a way to use fiber optics to reliably channel sunlight
    • Super-new vampire, ignorant on a lot of things
    • Doesn’t like people messing with his company, REALLY doesn’t like people trying to Dominate him
    • We touch base with him periodically as he leads Tesseract ever closer to his big announcement on sunlight technology


Carlos (aka “Carlos the Tickle Monster”) – Caitiff

    • Played by Chris
    • Creepy fuck with an obsequious air and rasping voice
    • Murdering psychopath on the Path of Bones
    • Based out of an abandoned gas station in Hunters Point Shipyard, where he stores dead bodies in the empty underground tanks
      • Also SLEEPS in said pile of dead bodies because did I mention psycopath?
    • Often talks about his “Great Work,” the details of which are (thankfully) never elaborated on
    • Currently found in the Shadowlands (AND HAD BETTER STAY THERE. ಠ_ಠ)

Clarence Walker – Ventrue

    • Played by Jim
    • Local business leader, owner of and affiliated resources/projects
    • Loves authority, is kinda BFF with the Prince but is also trying to steal his job
    • Lives in a fortified complex in a high-rise on Market Street (“The Douchehaus”)
    • Real good at douchey politics, real bad at physical confrontations
    • May currently be possessed by a demonic force that is able to clone him at will


Elsa – Nosferatu

    • Played by Kara
    • Friends with and sired by Karl Sutro, the Nosferatu Primogen
    • Nice enough, I guess, we didn’t get to know her that well

“Elizabeth” – Malkavian

    • Played by Jim
    • Blonde, starry-eyed teenager with a penchant for action movies (especially the Matrix) and a real-life arsenal to match
      • Think Luna Lovegood-meets-Y.T.-from-SnowCrash
    • Introduces herself by a different name to everyone she talks to. Tom refers to her as “The Lolita”
    • Accompanied by an invisible spirit-squirrel named Mr. Tails who whispers creepy things to her in a high-pitched voice

Isaac – Tremere

    • Played by Jim
    • Dick

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