Jason: “So, Jim. You’ve been a vampire for awhile now. The concept of ‘a couple dozen’ werewolves should fill you with mortal terror.”
Jim: “Yeah, it’s not the most comforting of thoughts.”

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Everyone: “…”
Me: “Is…Paul trying to fix the werewolves through…?”
Jason: “…Synergistic Management Solutions, yes.”

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Chris: “I will hold Glitch to the side and wait for it to cool.”
Jason: “Ironically, there is a command to turn Glitch back to normal–”
Jason: “–But no one has figured it out yet.”
Me: “Is it ‘FLAME OFF’?”
Jason: “No.”
Me: “How the hell are we supposed to figure it out?”
Jason: “Well, one person knew it.”
Me: “Who??”
Jason: “Max.”
Me: “Awwww! Dammit!! Cause yeah that’s the worst part about Glitch, not being able to turn it off when you need to.”
Jim: “You want me to commune with Max in the afterlife and ask?”
Me: “No!!! Fuck that guy. Not worth it.”

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Spring Update

Hello gamefans! Yes we are still alive out here. I wanted to post a quick update to apologize for the delay and give some explanation why. First, I’ve had trouble bouncing back after the flu, what with my regular teaching workload and all. Secondly, what I’ve been working on with the game currently looks like this:


Don’t read too closely if you don’t want spoilers, but basically I have almost a dozen game sessions to untangle and partly rewrite. See back when these game sessions were played, for months we kinda got stuck in loops. Plot beats were accidentally repeated, a couple things were forgotten about and other details dragged on far too long. So what I’m doing is my most massive restructuring yet, trying to condense and build solid narrative arcs from the base material. I have transcribed notes for all those sessions and am going to start moving stuff around to make more sense before I go in for the full-draft version. So thank you for staying tuned, good things are coming I promise!

It’s like this project is teaching me a lot about the mechanics of epic-scale storytelling or something, what….

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Jason: “So, Jim, I want to point something out to you. You just gave an entire Sabbat pack werewolf blood.”
Jim: “Yeah…?”
Jason: “So now they’re all hopped up on goofballs and it’s time for LEEROOOOOY JENKINS!!!!”

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S.H. Epilogue 5: Last Call at Esteban’s

In our last Scout update of major relevance, we return to 06/09/16, the night/day that eternal darkness first fell over the city. This segment shares her point of view from a couple already-published scenes and fills in one very major secret scene missing until now.

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S.H. Epilogue 4: Eavesdropping

The following epilogue bit fills in two conversations that were only half-completed in the mainline writeup. More details after the jump.

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