Chapter 3: Don’t Call My Name, Alejandro, Part 2

(Ok, so, realtalk guys: I just haven’t been having the time to go back and fill-in the missing backstory. However, I’ve been collecting more readers (*waves*) who have been asking for, at the very least, a summary of what the hell happened in this big blackhole of the plot. As I said, we don’t have recordings of most of these early ones, and I don’t have time to listen to the ones we do have recordings of, but going on notes and memory/internal oral history, here are at least some details on our story’s evolution:)

So, as I recall, the part of Chapter 3 that’s been written up ends with me one-shotting a werewolf in a single punch. Alejandro and his men are understandably surprised and infuriated by this, but fuck them cause we all pile in a van to escape. Alejandro reveals himself as full-on Tzmitsce by morphing into his Zulo (aka, Costco Monster) form to try and chase us down, but I drive him away with a shotgun I find in the back of the van.

This shotgun, incidentally, was loaded with dragonsbreath, which is my first exposure to it–in game or in real life–and I immediately know that I need approximately all of it.

But as we outpace Alejandro and his men, we discover something else in the van: a teenage girl, tied up and unconscious, and somehow during the subsequent shock and arguing we realize she is tied up with silver. Realizing she is a werewolf–and me secretly suspecting she’s the wolf I met at Tesseract–we all flee back to Paul’s house in Portola Valley to figure out what the hell to do with her, and what to do next. The werewolf eventually comes around, identifies herself as “Sophia,” and is understandably freaked to shit. Most of the group wants to take her back to the city to turn into the Prince, but I object, because he’ll undoubtedly kill her and, as I say, she’s just a kid. Secretly, though, she reminds me of my long-lost sister, Isabella, and werewolf or not I just can’t let her be surrendered to an imminent death.

During the course of all this arguing, Issac makes a power-play, trying to Dominate all of us and take over the coterie for unspoken Tremere reasons. Elsa and Paul struggle to resist–one succumbs, I can’t remember who–and fighting breaks out, but I resist completely and stumble back, trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. The three of them crash off into another side of the house, leaving me alone in the garage with the werewolf. I hesitate a moment, staring at the frightened girl while listening to the distant sounds of destruction, then calmly swagger over…and snap Sophia’s silver chains.

She immediately bursts into full-werewolf form, looming over me, breath heaving, but doesn’t attack. I stare back calmly. She asks why I let her go, I shrug and say, “Girl, I got no problem with you, but I got a biiig problem with that asshole down the hall.” She stares another moment, then disappears, and much fuckery later the whole drama ends with Sophia tearing Issac in half.

And thus was the death of Jim’s first character.

We part on awkward, if neutral, terms, and Paul, Elsa, and I head back to the city, while IRL Jim comes up with a new character.

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