Scout’s Honor, Part 23: The Rescue of Tom Lytton

Hopefully at this point it goes without saying, but here now for the first time is what really happened the night of Rabenholz’s Elysium 2.0 (aka 3/22/16, part 1 and part 2. Note that the way the scene has been split is different between the main-line and Scout writeups cause the dramatic beats were different depending on the viewpoint). Also recall that the majority of Scout’s actions were made via secret texting to Jason, with a minimum of off-screen scenes so as not to arouse suspicion. 

Please to enjoy.

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Scout’s Honor, Part 22: Occupy the Chantry

The following segment parallels the events of 2/22/16 , 3/01/16, and 3/08/16, with a secret scene completed as well, as Scout infiltrates the Chantry and the culmination of her plans are set in motion. Content warnings are minimal.

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Scout’s Honor, Part 21: Chinatown

Sorry for the delay, just end of semester drama as usual, but I promise to get to the scenes everyone’s been waiting for before the end of the year!

The following scene covers Scout’s events of the episodes 2/16/16 and 2/22/16. Content warnings are minimal.

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Scout’s Honor, Part 20: Middle Game

The following scene parallels the events of 2/09/16 and 2/16/16. Content warnings are minimal.

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Scout’s Honor, Part 19: Rabenholz v. Everton

The following segment directly parallels events of 2/02/16 but from the angle of Scout’s perspective, as well as completing one secret-scene phone-call. Content warnings apply.

Also just a reminder for any new visitors clicking in to the landing page: first off, welcome! These Scout scenes are a special project which parallels the narrative with the mainline writeups, contains some spoilers, and is intended to be read after reading through the main episodes in the order in which they appear in the table of contents.

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Scout’s Honor, Part 18: Prodigal Daughter

The following short scene is a secret scene that occurred off-screen early during the events of 1/26/16 (round about the time that Georgia was eating Jawahar). Some of the dialogue is as-played between Jason and I but roughly half of it has been expanded and written-anew for character development. Content warnings definitely apply.

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Scout’s Honor, Part 17: Battle of the Pyramid

The following segment covers Scout’s perspective of the main-line events at the very end of 1/7/16 and beginning of 1/19/16. Content warnings apply.

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Scout’s Honor, Part 16: An Audience with Bell

The following picks up immediately after the events at the end of the last episode and completes a secret-scene from 1/7/16 . Since it was an off-screen scene–and thus not tangled up with other characters in a load-bearing way–I ended up rewriting and expanding it a lot to explore some of the character angles I’ve been inserting into Scout’s arc. Content warnings are minimal.

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Scout’s Honor, Part 15: Vannevar’s Deal

The following segment fills in a lot of subtext and completes two missing-scenes from the 12/17/15 episode. There’s a lot of characters moving in and around each other’s scenes in this one, so if you haven’t already been doing so, I recommend going back to skim the original episode to get a sense of what Rabenholz and Anstis are doing in order to get the full effect of how Scout fits in with it all. Content warnings still apply.

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Tom’s New Favorite Book

We briefly interrupt the extended stories of Scout for a moment of fan-girl cross-promotion.

One of my all-time favorite authors is a lesser-known Canadian scifi writer named James Alan Gardner. His stories are deeply creative and, much like Terry Pratchett, strike an excellent balance between wit and poignant character development. Most of his work came out in the late 90s-early 00s, but since then he’s disappeared somewhat. Disappointed, I chalked it up to personal things going on in his life and contented myself with tracking down all his books at used bookstores and rereading them often.

Till last month, when–completely out of the blue–I was looking up his Wikipedia page and saw that, after almost fifteen years, he finally has a new book, and just by the title I can tell it’s something right up my alley.

The title? All Those Explosions Were Someone Else’s Fault.

I pre-ordered a copy sight-unseen and finally picked it up this weekend. I am about four chapters in already, and not only is the tone as cheeky and rich as the title promises, but…you guys…?

…You guys….

…This book is LITERALLY World-of-Darkness-meets-Aberrant.

The basic premise is that sometime in the 80s, all the rich and powerful assholes of the world were given the option to buy their way into untold levels of vampiric, demonic, and other unsavory forms of dark power, which of course they took (essentially our own game’s nightmare scenario of An Undead Larry Ellison). Fortunately, though, to balance out the corporate corruption, forces of light emerge throughout the world with superheroic abilities to engage the dark in heroic battle.

Or just brawl it out at bars, whatevs.

So if you’re looking for something else besides this blog (aka, something more professional 😉 ) then I cannot recommend this book enough. It’s a lot of fun and I really hope it brings Gardner the recognition he deserves.

(Also, if you find yourself in or around San Francisco, why not support one of our last, greatest hopes for bookstore-kind and purchase a copy from Borderlands Books!)

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