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Complete narrative updates.


Greetings from the other side. (Or almost the other side; an infectious disease specialist I heard sometime last year pointed out that major respiratory epidemic/pandemics tend to last about three years, so–all else being equal–we still have a little ways … Continue reading

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Spring 2019 Update

Hello gamefans! Getting straight to the point: yes the lack of updates has been criminal at best. Thank you to everyone who has reached out through various methods. Know that I appreciate it, and my shame at falling so behind … Continue reading

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5th Dot in Professionalism

Over the last year, I’ve dropped some pieces of news here and there about an actual professional tabletop RPG project I was contracted to do for Evil Hat Games, developing a small module in their Fate Worlds of Adventure Line. … Continue reading

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Jason: “Marcus looks confused.” Me: “What, because Tom is actually thinking before acting?” Jason: “Yes.” Me: “Haha, fuck you.”

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10/13/16 & 10/18/16

Jim: “He certainly doesn’t belong in Monterey!” Me: *flips Jim off* Jim: “I love that all the heat fell onto Tom for that one, considering Anstis was equally responsible.” Me: “Yes! I know!!” Jason: “And you wanna know what else? … Continue reading

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9/29/16 & 10/06/16

Jason: “What do you do?” Jim: “Vicissitude.” Jason: “Yes, but what do you do?” Jim: “The box will tear him open and climb inside!” Everyone: “…” Me: “…The most horrifying thing about this is the glee with which Jim says … Continue reading

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8/23/16 & 9/16/16

Chris: “Yeah, this hasn’t really been an ecologically-sound move.” Jason: “This whole mountain is going to be a superfund site when we’re done with it.” Chris: “But on the other hand, Rabenholz more than anyone probably follows the adage, ‘When … Continue reading

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Jason: “So, Jim. You’ve been a vampire for awhile now. The concept of ‘a couple dozen’ werewolves should fill you with mortal terror.” Jim: “Yeah, it’s not the most comforting of thoughts.”

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Everyone: “…” Me: “Is…Paul trying to fix the werewolves through…?” Jason: “…Synergistic Management Solutions, yes.”

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Chris: “I will hold Glitch to the side and wait for it to cool.” Jason: “Ironically, there is a command to turn Glitch back to normal–” Me: “REALLY!?” Jason: “–But no one has figured it out yet.” Me: “Is it … Continue reading

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