5th Dot in Professionalism

Over the last year, I’ve dropped some pieces of news here and there about an actual professional tabletop RPG project I was contracted to do for Evil Hat Games, developing a small module in their Fate Worlds of Adventure Line. Well this week I am proud to finally announce its formal release.

And holy shit you guys, just look at that cover art. Holy. Shit.


Yeah my full name is on here but fuck it everyone knows who I am anyway

The basic premise is a near-future world of rampant human genetic engineering as well as the societal upheavals that arise with such transhumanist technology. My basic pitch was “Shadowrun meets GATTACA,” and the interior art by William Tempest adds an extra layer of Akira-style cyberpunk that absolutely blows my mind.


I’m not gonna lie, the whole process was kind of terrifying. I applied to an open call for game designers on a lark and was shocked when they actually took an interest in me, some rando science teacher who mostly only ever talks about vampires. On top of that, I had only ever seen the Fate Core system once and hadn’t even played it when I did. Fortunately, though, all the editors at Evil Hat Games were incredibly easy to work with. They also have a super strong community of other writers and developers who peer review each others’ projects. Fitting, perhaps, that a community built around a hobby of collaborative storytelling would also have such a collaborative creation process as well.


The PDF of the game module is available from DriveThruRPG as PayWhatYouWant. This means you can download it, check it out, and if you like it you can chip in a few bucks later. I should note that I was paid a flat commission fee so I don’t get any royalties or anything, but financially supporting their games does help them get the capital they need to develop more Worlds of Adventure projects which specifically try to bring in new and diverse voices into the gaming industry. You can also support Evil Hat directly through Patreon.

If you actually want to play the game, fantastic! If you’re not familiar with the Fate Core system, don’t worry, neither was I! 😉 For those of us primarily enamored with World of Darkness, Fate is right up our alley. It’s a very light-crunch, story- and character-driven system that moves plot along rapidly. I might do a post in the future offering a “translation guide” helping one understand the Fate system from the background of WoD since that’s literally what I had to do in order to learn it.  You can download the Fate corebook from DriveThru (also listed as PayWhatYouWant). Another great resource for questions is /r/FateRPG. Or you can ask me, I’ll do my best to help!

As a final note, thank you everyone here who has hung around with our Vampire project for so many years. I literally never would have considered exploring the world of game development further if not for your continued support and enthusiasm!

(PS: If you do check out the module, keep an eye out for a very subtle shout-out to one of everyone’s favorite NPCs from our game in there 😉 )

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10 Responses to 5th Dot in Professionalism

  1. GoldenWren says:

    Wow, this looks incredible! I’ve always been more D&D than WoD, but FATE looks like a great system to do some hard-and-fast storytelling- and this game looks like an intense way to throw some unsuspecting players in. I’ll definitely be taking a look, and congratulations Colleen!

    • Corvidae says:

      Thank you so much! And awesome!! Yeah I love that basically it encourages you to embrace the aspects that make a good story–things go terribly wrong for your character, omg how do you deal with them???

  2. FATE is a great system. I hope in the future they will task you with writing a module for Dresden Files RPG (which I think is modified-Fate by EHG).

    Also, more updates please. Gotta see Tom suffer.

  3. Chris S. says:

    Is this the primary beverage on tap at the club?

  4. Raf says:


    So, I’ve been reading this blog for a while… Just wanted to pop by and let you know that someone all the way over in Rio, Brazil, has been inspired by the game you guys have been playing and I’ve decided to start playing myself.

    Yesterday we had our first session, so… Thanks!

  5. pulseofnight says:

    Still waiting the next chapter but I guess real life is really busy 🙂

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