Facebook Update/Quote #6

Note: The style changes here as it drops back into my very earliest forms of proto-writeups, scavenged from Facebook posts. Eventually I hope to go back and flesh them in more, but at the very least, the overall plot is continuous now.


Ok so last night there weren’t any real good one-off pithy situations or quotes, in game or out of game, but for those who care I’ll give an overall rundown of what happened cause some pretty crazy shit is going down.

So literally last time, a bunch of shit went down in San Jose with some Sabbat we’d been looking for. What’s notable from that is that Chris/”Carlos” diablerized one of the baddest dudes there and then frenzied, smashing up and diablerizing all the rest of the shit. He eventually got under control and we tried to bring him back to the city for a trial, but he escaped and dissappeared in an office building. The Prince sent his Sheriff, a scary taciturn woman, and a shitload of doods, out to find him, but they didn’t (and, suspiciously, none of us have seen the Sheriff since). Meanwhile, Carlos has wracked up a LOT of power and abilities and is looking for more.

So last night, I get orders from my secret “boss,” Marcus (the 2,000-year-old Roman 9-year-old scary motherfucker who killed all of the rest of our last party except for me whom he gave a job). Even though hes powerful as fuck and an independent ex/maybe-Sabbat power onto himself, he doesn’t much like it when bad shit happens to kids and hes read news that someone’s been rolling around Bayshore murdering families of 6 in the middle of the night (GEE I WONDER WHO THAT COULD BE). He “strongly encourages” me to check it out, which–since Im also secretly blood-bonded to him–basically means I need to do it.

BUT FIRST, theres fun shit going down at Elysium that night, as The Prince is supposed to be publicly interrogating Slayer, the Sabbat whom i captured and dressed up as Buffy. I get there along with the other players and seemingly every NPC in town and we find that the Prince has “summoned” Carlos to him (using his magical Ventrue ability of High Douchery). What we DONT know, though, is that although Carlos cannot disobey the summon, he CAN take his time getting there, and he decides to stop for a snack along the way. In doing so, he gets stopped by the cops, and he decides that the best way to deal with this is to frenzy ON PURPOSE. So the first we at Elysium hear of this is a concussive THUMP from some sort of large explosion and every siren in the city racing toward the Tenderloin.

The Prince decides to leave to try and deal with this himself and orders everyone to stay put till he gets back. But since he is a useless tool who can’t keep control of his own fucking city, everyone pretty much leaves. I decide that this is a good time to go check out Bayshore, what with every cop in the city and full-on swat teams all descending on TL.

Meanwhile, Carlos “wakes up” from his frenzy to find himself in the middle of a warzone of bodies and burning vehicles, many of them police-owned. His summons has ended (for reasons that will soon become apparent) so he decides to head back to his home base in Bayshore, the buried tanks filled with dead bodies and a couple live ones he is in the process of trying to turn into ghoul-thralls. Later, Kara/”Georgia” and Jim/”Clarence” show up at the scene to look for the Prince (cause they actually like him or something, whatever) and find him torn nearly to pieces and stuffed in the trunk of his own limo. They bring him back to the Transamerica Pyramid, but we dont get to find out much more info beyond that because Georgia gets abducted by a rogue gargoyle. (Probably the best moment of the night was when the gargoyle ordered her to call her boss, Maximillian, the head of the local Tremere, and she couldnt because she had dropped her phone when the gargoyle grabbed her and she didn’t have Max’s number memorized. So there were many tense moments as she used THE GARGOYLE’S phone to call around to any number she DID remember trying to find someone who knew Max’s number.)

Anyway, meanwhile both Carlos and I are independently descending upon Bayshore. I start asking around the local bars trying to find info on where the fucker’s homebase might be and I start getting pointed to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Carlos, meanwhile, gets home first, natch, and immediately starts using one of his new abilities, which is shapeshifting, to mold his body to look EXACTLY. LIKE. **ME**. (Out of game, I protest, because he is a scrawny slimy fuck and I am a 6’3″ gay guy built like a brick house but he gets a bunch of good rolls and apparently pulls it off.) I dont know what the hell hes planning but I dont like it one bit.

So we left off with I, Tom Lytton, Brujah-extraordinaire and apparently triple-agent-to-everyone, riding toward Carlos’ hideout. This is a very **bad** situation to be in, though, because I am rolling with two points of ag-damage (which were dealt to me the *last* time I fought Carlos) and have a relatively low blood pool overall. Meanwhile Carlos is just getting smarter and stronger as he diablerizes more vampires and collects new abilities from them. We all agree that while Carlos still has a lot of weaknesses that might get leveraged if you fight him with multiple people, facing him one-on-one is almost certainly a death wish.

But luckily, I have a plan. Hopefully, next week will be…explosive.


This is my first longer-form update so it is closer to being in its final draft but this material is still a placeholder and subject to edits before finalization.

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