I’m learning how this GMing thing works….


(A bunch of us saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier this weekend. Very minor spoilers ahead.)

(The following conversation happened during the main opening action scene on the boat:)

The establishing shot for the scene shows the SHIELD ship, the size of a container ship, sporting many decks and facilities and a helipad.

I turn to Jason.

Me: “Is that what Accio’s ship looks like?”
Jason: “…Maybe.”
Me: “…Is that what Accio’s ship looks like now?
Jason: *sly grin*

Later in the scene, as Captain America starts rolling through the ship silently dispatching terrorist doods…

Jason: *elbows me, points to screen* “Potence and Celerity.”
Me: *gapes* “…You mean I can do that too!?
Jason: *bigger sly grin*

Not much later in the movie, when Evans is back home and rides up to his apartment on a Harley:

Me: “Shit that’s a beautiful bike.”
Jason: “…Yeah, it is, isn’t it?” *sly grin*
Me: “………I’m never getting my bike back am I?”
Jason: *giant evil grin*

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