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Quotes and anecdotes from our regular lives.

We are currently desperately seeking one of this site’s licensed vendors

Jim: “You know how I’ve been wanting to get a good pirate costume for awhile?” Me: “Yeah…?” Jim: “” Me: “SHUT YOUR GODDAMN WHORE MOUTH O_____________O”

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We’re Gonna Need Amazon Subscribe & Save

Discovered via Atlas Obscura

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Movie Review with the Vampire (Player): Blade

My life, it seems, is not without a sense of irony. As I’ve mentioned before, before this whole endeavor started, I spent the majority of my life not giving two shits about vampires. I knew the basic gist of most … Continue reading

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Misery loves company

Believe it or not, despite the two paying jobs I’m working and the essentially-third job that is working on the writeups for this blog, I actually find time to participate in other role playing games. Since everyone I know is … Continue reading

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2015 DragonCon Report

As you’ve probably seen, this year has been filled with a lot of off-weeks as each of our schedules mis-align for different events. In early September, though, we missed a week because we were all aligned for something else entirely. … Continue reading

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Pretty much exactly this

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This time we’re avoiding the aquarium

Jason: “Someone messaged me and was like, ‘So you’re going to DragonCon, you should go as Dr. vonNatsi.’” Me: “OMG, you totally should!!” Jason: “Where am I going to find that many goggles?? To say nothing of the DEATH RAYS!!!” … Continue reading

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