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Quotes and anecdotes from our regular lives.

We are currently desperately seeking one of this site’s licensed vendors

Jim: “You know how I’ve been wanting to get a good pirate costume for awhile?” Me: “Yeah…?” Jim: “” Me: “SHUT YOUR GODDAMN WHORE MOUTH O_____________O”

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We’re Gonna Need Amazon Subscribe & Save

Discovered via Atlas Obscura

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Movie Review with the Vampire (Player): Blade

My life, it seems, is not without a sense of irony. As I’ve mentioned before, before this whole endeavor started, I spent the majority of my life not giving two shits about vampires. I knew the basic gist of most … Continue reading

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Misery loves company

Believe it or not, despite the two paying jobs I’m working and the essentially-third job that is working on the writeups for this blog, I actually find time to participate in other role playing games. Since everyone I know is … Continue reading

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2015 DragonCon Report

As you’ve probably seen, this year has been filled with a lot of off-weeks as each of our schedules mis-align for different events. In early September, though, we missed a week because we were all aligned for something else entirely. … Continue reading

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Pretty much exactly this

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This time we’re avoiding the aquarium

Jason: “Someone messaged me and was like, ‘So you’re going to DragonCon, you should go as Dr. vonNatsi.’” Me: “OMG, you totally should!!” Jason: “Where am I going to find that many goggles?? To say nothing of the DEATH RAYS!!!” … Continue reading

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Updates and Changes

First off, a HUUUUGE thank-you to all of our readers here, friends and strangers, to continue to stop by and share in our insanity with us. Working on this blog is an intense amount of work for me (each post can … Continue reading

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Seriously, these “Meanwhile in Real Life” entries just keep getting weirder….


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Not all dragons are white

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled Poor Unlife Choices for an important announcement. Friend-of-the-Game, and my personal writing idol, Alyc Helms is an accomplished fantasy author. She’s a graduate of Clarion West and her short story work has been featured in many … Continue reading

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