I’m Kinda A Big Deal on Twitter

I seem to have fallen into the world of tabletop gaming at an opportune time in its existence. Not only is there a staggering variety of games out there–more than I ever thought existed–but RPGs seem to have reached an new level of mainstream cultural acceptance. How do I know that? Because #diceshaming is a meme.

As soon as I learned about it I knew I would have to get in on that shit, but I waited for the right moment to do so. Jim, of course, botches an unusually high amount, but that’s become so accepted it’s barely even worth mentioning (also Jason has learned to stop borrowing his dice). No, I needed something really unique, and luckily(?) I recently found it:

The photo and tweet got some traction, in Twitter and in a few #diceshaming tumblrs, but my absolute favorite response was the one I least expected:

I know we’re (and by “we” I mean “I”) all about finding weird crossovers between the game and reality, but…this is getting a little ridiculous.



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