Updates and Changes

First off, a HUUUUGE thank-you to all of our readers here, friends and strangers, to continue to stop by and share in our insanity with us. Working on this blog is an intense amount of work for me (each post can take 10-15 hours of transcribing, writing, and editing) but knowing that somehow, someone out there is reading what I’m writing and enjoying it is what keeps me going.

But on that note, there are some important changes that everyone should probably be aware of….

In my personal life, I have finally surrendered to destiny and taken a job as a high school science teacher at a local SF private school. As you can imagine, the workload for a first-year teacher is kinda a big deal, and on top of that I am still doing part-time digital coursework development for my old job (cause making dat rent, tho 😐 )

The takeaway from all this is that my free-time has plummeted. My energy and enthusiasm remains high, though. In fact, paradoxically, it’s even better than it was before, because I am enjoying my teaching job and its bringing more sense of meaning and accomplishment in my life that I am trying to channel back into my writing, in whatever time blocks I have to work on it.

So what does this mean? Well we are still having our regular sessions and Very Interesting Things have been occurring, and as long as people are interested in reading them I am committing to sharing them out, but the time between posts may increase considerably.

I am also going to make some smaller changes, including:

1) I will no longer be back-dating posts. The title of the post will indicate the original night we played it (so we can corroborate with our notes) but the posting date will be real time. That way you can get a sense of when I am being actively active and how long it has actually been since an update. To see what the most recent post is, or to backtrack to where you left off, check the Table of Contents.

2) I’ll also try and keep spirits up with more one-off Meanwhile In Real Life posts or other things which are tangentially related to the game and/or entertain me.

3) There is a possibility that Jason may help with/take over some of the writing, but that’s still up in the air.

Thank you again for sticking with us so far and I hope you continue to visit as we continue our inexorable crawl toward eternal damnation!

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2 Responses to Updates and Changes

  1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying your new job; do what you need to, and I’ll keep reading everything you post. Here’s hoping you’re as brilliant a teacher as you are a writer!

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