Misery loves company

Believe it or not, despite the two paying jobs I’m working and the essentially-third job that is working on the writeups for this blog, I actually find time to participate in other role playing games. Since everyone I know is constantly busy, many of them have been one-offs, like the Feng Shui session Jim and I participated in a few weeks ago run by ChrisM and which had some amusing dramas of its own.

But for the last year and a half, Jim and I have also been participating in a Dungeon World campaign run by a good friend of mine. It’s a monthly game, filled with more hijinks than drama (although it is important to note that once Jim joined the game, backstabbing, PvP, and even fucking necromancy started showing up as well :P)

This year, though, the GM of the game decided to try an experiment. We agreed to stop the regular Dungeon World fantasy-theme and try a re-skinning of the system called Sixth World, which is a Shadowrun-themed Dungeon World hack.

Now, the GM came up with some amazing concepts for this world–set in a near-future San Francisco–and, since he is an aspiring writer himself, I encouraged (read: practically forced) him to record our sessions and play around with writing them up as well (because he only has one to do a month, how hard could it be?)

And believe it or not, he actually did it. He describes it as such: “‘The City by the Brink‘ is a bit cyberpunk, a bit urban fantasy, and a bit sci-fi. The setting is a San Francisco in 2065 where cybernetics, genetic augmentation, and magic have become real, everyday things and are stretching the idea of humanity to new, unimagined limits.”

So, if the lag-time between Vampire posts is getting you down, and you’re itching for more gameplay novelizations, check it out! Jim plays Morgan Croft, aka “Wisp,” and I play Virginia Anne Burgess, aka “Scarlett” (because I’ve discovered a Southern belle accent is the only accent I can do, and basically all it is is copying Jason’s accent for Doc).

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