Touching Base

Hello, regular-readers and random wander-throughs, I just wanted to drop a quick note updating you on my writing plans in the next month or two:

I can’t remember if I mentioned it specifically or not, but after my corporate layoff in the spring, over the summer I did get a full-time position offer with the school I’ve been working at. It’s a paycut in harsh times, but expanding my career as a teacher seems to be my destiny, so we’re rolling with it for now. School starts next week, which means the last week and a half have been swamped with prep stuff (including completely moving my classroom setup into an entirely new room. It’s funny, you often never think of the random logistics teachers have to deal with on top of the regular workload. I know I didn’t till I got here :P).

But I have still been writing, primarily transcriptions. Once again, I am going to “batch” a bunch of episode transcriptions all in one sprint before going back for editing and fleshed-out writing. This has actually been working really well for me, since it lets me edit more assertively, smooth-out narrative, and occasionally add the appropriate tension and foreshadowing. For example, I’ve noticed our game (with its many threads and multi-PC cast)  tends to do a thing I’ve called “details-creep,” meaning that a scene that starts with a certain set of details in one evening of play may slowly morph into something else when we revisit the same scene a week or more later as we mis-remember things. This sort of thing is fine when one is playing a game, but problematic for making it into a narrative. Thus, getting the notes out into larger stretches of time helps me fix these things.

Anyway, just thought I’d mention that for people who are interested in how my writing process for this project works. For the rest of you, the tl;dr is that there’s a lag in posts right now but hopefully in the near future there will be another rush of a bunch all at once. 

Stay tuned! 😀

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3 Responses to Touching Base

  1. That Guy From Reddit says:

    What about movie reviews under the light of WoD? 😀

    • Colleen says:

      Yes, that is still on my radar 😉 The next one I plan to do will be Interview with a vampire itself!

      • That Guy From Reddit says:


        Seriously, your reviews makes genuinely happy. I wonder if is there anyone else doing anything similar. This is probably original work.

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