Holiday Update

I just wanted to take a brief moment to touch base and wish everyone a happy holiday season, whether you are a regular reader or just someone passing through!

I also want to apologize for the super delay in updates. As well as the usual drama of end-of-semester teaching and grading, this winter has been hard on my family. We had two major losses, one expected and one unexpected, so much of my energy these last few months has been devoted to family stuff. But, fortunately, I have been continuing work on transcribing, in fact I have about five and a half sessions noted down in raw format, but since the actual writing takes a lot more mental bandwidth that’s going much slower. On the plus side, having so many raw-transcriptions at once means that I’m able to smooth out a lot of plot holes and knots, so hopefully once things get rolling again it’ll read even better.

In any event, without question 2016 has been a very hard year for many people around the world, so I would like to say  heart-felt thank you to those who continue to share your time with us. This game, and this writing project that’s spawned from it, have been one of the favorite parts of my life these last almost-four years–a source of personal growth as well as entertainment–and your continued support is the light that helps power it all.

That or I’m just glad to know there’s other people out there who appreciate asshole-ery as much as we do. 😉

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4 Responses to Holiday Update

  1. samjackson01 says:

    2016 can go die in a fire. Bring on 2017, long may she reign.

    Very sorry for your losses, and thank you for your hard work on this series. Happy new year to you guys and gals.

  2. Mendelbar says:

    What Samjackson01 said. Sorry for your loss.

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