Spring Update

Hello! So, I realize it’s been embarrassingly long without an update so I wanted to drop another quick note with some progress report:

As you may have guessed, I recently hit a major choke-point in the writeups. Basically, the early part of this year did not go well for me. Work was intense, with second-season teacher burnout building up on me fast but no reprieve in sight. Shit got real emotional here in America come mid-January and I found myself avoiding internet contact as much as I was avoiding talking to my family. On top of regular work I was trying to get some contract projects done because surprise-not-surprise, rent went up again. Then, to cap all this stress off, I had a semi-formal observation at work where it was subtly implied that everything I’ve been doing in my lesson plans is wrong and I need to start over.

The final match to this building powder-keg, though, came in mid-Feburary, when during one of our regular Vampire sessions, my computer rebooted midway through and we lost half a recording.

At this I absolutely crashed, screaming about the mess of my house and the mess of my life and practically threw my laptop halfway across the room. Eventually, everyone calmed me down and I basically bundled up to go to bed while everyone else stumbled through the remaining half of the night and Jason promised to jot down some notes on everything that was deleted.

But since then I’ve been in deep recovery. I’ve barely been writing anything creative, let alone Vampire, but I have been doing other things to recenter myself. We actually took a few weeks off of the game so I could get caught up on some other work. I’ve taken up some light meditation practice and have also been making a conscious effort to spend time in the evening reading books, instead of scrolling endlessly through news and social media. This past month has been insanely busy with work and volunteer obligations, but even with all of it, I think I’m getting back to a place where I can pick up again.

Because I want to finish this. I have to finish this. In my mind, there’s nothing more tragic than a story left half-told, especially one with so much love poured into it from multiple people. So I’ll figure something out. Maybe it will mean ratcheting my editing up past 11. Or, failing all else, maybe it’ll mean just posting the raw audio files for the sake of getting it done. We’ll see.

To end on a better note, I do have some good things to share:

  1. I am currently in the midst of another writing project with legitimate professional promise. It’s still in the early stages so I don’t want to jinx myself just yet, but hopefully if things work out, in the next month or two I’ll be announcing the details here, so stay tuned.
  2. In personal news, one of my roommates moved out and Jim moved in with me, so now I have to get to look at his cocky squid-faced grin every damn day.
  3. In also-personal news, in my apparent on-going effort to Brujah-up and Be More Like Tom, I have purchased a motorcycle:

    Don’t tell my mom.

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7 Responses to Spring Update

  1. B G says:

    Long-time listener, first-time caller, here.

    I’ve enjoyed reading along on their adventures for months now, and I’ve been genuinely grateful for the opportunity to witness, at a remove, the sheer pluck and questionable luck you’ve all had off the course of this chronicle
    Hell, I’ve even come to thrill at how your voice as a writer has developed since the start.

    But I’m even more glad to hear that you’ve got positive plans and are pushing toward those personal victories we all need to stay afloat. Teacher burnout happens at such ludicrously high rates; knowing that struggle, I’d like to think k I’ve been more concerned about your spiritual well-being as an educator and writer more than any concerns I’ve ever personally had about the story’s eventual conclusion – say it ain’t so, but all stories end in time.

    I remain confident in the inevitability of your victory! Also, motorcycles are fucking radical.

  2. samjackson01 says:

    Keep your head up, and remember when the going gets tough just think to yourself WWTD then do the exact opposite.

    In all seriousness I’m sorry to hear about all the stress. Like anyone else that’s read this post I hope it all works out for you.

    • Corvidae says:

      Well Tom *would* have bought a motorcycle, so….crap.

      Although it’s been pretty challenging for me, never having driven a manual/standard vehicle before. Especially in San Francisco, with all kinds of stop and go traffic and hills. I am seeing the appeal of pink Vespas more and more each day. 😉

  3. Will says:

    And I have FINALLY made it the whole way through! It took me a good two-weeks of frequent reading 😛
    I just want to say I absolutely LOVE what you have created. The story draws people in with good characterisation, it’s funny, frequently outright hilarious in fact, and you can clearly see that you’ve developed your own ability as a writer. I’m following the blog now and I desperately want to read every new update. Please stick with it! Consider me a fan!

  4. Eric says:

    I used to follow your vampire movie reviews. Wishing you the best here.

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