New Year, New Opportunities

Happy New Year, everyone! As always, thank you for sticking with us! We’re coming up on the 5-year anniversary of our game and the ~4 year anniversary of this blog this year. It’s been quite a journey and we hope you’ve enjoyed it too.

My personal hope for this year is that this is the year I’ll finally get my shit together enough to take my own writing more seriously. My first professionally-published RPG module, The Crisp Line, will be coming out from Evil Hat Games later this year, so stick around for more information on that. I’ve also begun submitting individual stories to publications for the first time in years so hopefully something there will pan out. Jim and I have also been discussing developing a visual-novel style game together using my writing and his engineering talents. It’s still in the early stages of discussion but we’ll see.

As part of this new wave, I’m trying something new with the blog. I’ve bit the bullet and finally started up a Patreon page to support it. I’ve been uncomfortable with the idea before but I’ve come up with some compromises to help justify it. Firstly, those of you without ad-block may notice that the blog is now ad-free. I’ve upgraded to a paid WordPress plan to get rid of them. This incidentally also comes with our first real URL address: The old link should still work as well but it’s nice to have a more professional-looking title at the top of the page.

Secondly, I’d like to empathize that the Patreon is completely optional. All current and future narrative content will remain free to access here on the blog. I may come up with some sort of “extras” later once I play around with Patreon some more, but basically if I get a few bucks to help cover hosting fees with some money left over to chip in toward our game-night dinner, I’ll be happy 😉 Also, putting us out there on Patreon might bring in entirely new readers, who knows!

I don’t know about you, but these past few years of reality have been pretty draining for me. Having a creative outlet like this to play with and grow through has been one of the most important things keeping me optimistic about the future (which is kinda ironic, considering all the horror themes). Thank you again for coming around to visit us and I hope we can continue to keep the drama, hilarity, and poor life choices flowing!

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