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Everyone: “…” Me: “Is…Paul trying to fix the werewolves through…?” Jason: “…Synergistic Management Solutions, yes.”

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Chris: “I will hold Glitch to the side and wait for it to cool.” Jason: “Ironically, there is a command to turn Glitch back to normal–” Me: “REALLY!?” Jason: “–But no one has figured it out yet.” Me: “Is it … Continue reading

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Spring Update

Hello gamefans! Yes we are still alive out here. I wanted to post a quick update to apologize for the delay and give some explanation why. First, I’ve had trouble bouncing back after the flu, what with my regular teaching … Continue reading

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Jason: “So, Jim, I want to point something out to you. You just gave an entire Sabbat pack werewolf blood.” Jim: “Yeah…?” Jason: “So now they’re all hopped up on goofballs and it’s time for LEEROOOOOY JENKINS!!!!”

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S.H. Epilogue 5: Last Call at Esteban’s

In our last Scout update of major relevance, we return to 06/09/16, the night/day that eternal darkness first fell over the city. This segment shares her point of view from a couple already-published scenes and fills in one very major … Continue reading

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S.H. Epilogue 4: Eavesdropping

The following epilogue bit fills in two conversations that were only half-completed in the mainline writeup. More details after the jump.

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S.H. Epilogue 3: What the Settite Knew

The following is Scout’s version of the scene from 05/12/16 wherein she hunts down the Settite prisoner at the Pyramid and diablerizes him to learn what he knows. Obviously I wanted to share what he knew, but it comes at … Continue reading

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