The Path of the Buccaneer

When Jim was creating Captain Anstis (well before he was actually needed, which ended up being fortuitous), he got the idea of putting him on a pirate-y sort of path, but was shocked that nothing like that already existed. Thus, in what is apparently becoming a grand tradition in this thing, Jim went off and did Research and worked with Jason to develop a path of his own.

The results are…actually surprisingly serviceable:

The Path of the Buccaneer

Virtues: Conviction and Self-control 

Ethics of the Path:

  • Seize opportunity. Take all you can, give nothing back.
  • Remain loyal to your ship and crew. They are your only family.
  • Pursue the freedom of the open water.
  • Maintain discipline aboard your ship.
  • Aboard a ship, the Captain’s word is law, but a good Captain listens to his crew.

Hierarchy of Sins:

10 – Accepting obligations to non-pirate royalty/rulers
9 – Not honoring an agreement made in good faith
8 – Failing to show hospitality to visitors
7 – Disobeying your captain’s orders
6 – Willingly being on land for more than one month’s time
5 – Charity
4 – Killing someone of future value
3 – Not taking something of value when given the opportunity
2 – Killing without purpose
1 – Betraying your captain/crew

(#5 is definitely everyone’s favorite.)

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