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Combo Discipline: Doppelgänger

Interestingly, this is a technique that actually evolved organically. I developed it over time through creative combination of abilities already present in two of Scout’s disciplines, rather than creating it as a discrete ability all at once. After months and … Continue reading

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Movie Review with the Vampire (Player): Blade Trinity

Alternate Title: Bladest The last two reviews have gone over fairly well so I was excited to complete the full set with the (to date?) final installment of the Blade saga. I was also a little rushed to get it … Continue reading

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Owl Post

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Jason has had a lot of GM-fun on our behalf lately. Fortunately, Jim is not one to let the lulz go un-reciprocated. See, Jim is a man who not only cosplays as Loki, but played a … Continue reading

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Apparently even Rule 34 has limits

Jim has been pleased as punch (kool-aid?) since the events of the previous episode, laughing about the insanity of a big-rig careening down a hillside and shoved full of octopus. Not content with a mental image, he decided to go … Continue reading

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The Vampires of ISIS: Archer Characters as V:tM Clans

Some months ago, friend-of-the-game Seth made an offhand comment here on the blog identifying the main characters of Archer as various Vampire clans. You know, as one does. Many of his points were so spot-on that over time they have … Continue reading

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Fanfiction: Jurassic World of Darkness

So…this happened. Let me explain. Surprising literally no-one, I went to see Jurassic World as soon as I could after it came out, dragging Jason along with me with the excuse of it being for his work. Long story short, I … Continue reading

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Interlude: Spring Training (original story by Colleen)

During our first in-game time jump, all of our characters took time to take care of various accumulated business. The following scene illustrates just some of the shenanigans Tom got up to on his week off.

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