Sometimes I feel like our parallel games have some serious Cloud Atlas shit up in here


NPC: “Who are you, from what blood do you hail, and what is your purpose in our city?”
Helgi: “My name is Vargseðjandi Bǫðsvellandi Hrafngreddir, I am of the clan Gangrel, and I am a Skald of the North. I have travelled for years upon years, searching for tales of majesty and wonder. I have heard of your grand city of Alexandria and the glories it contains, and I have come to write epic poetry to regale the ages of its magnificence.”
(Julian: “Well, that was some high quality bullshit.”
Cameron: “It’s bullshit that has the benefit of being perfectly true! For the most part. Minus a few details. Listen, he’s always introduced himself as Helgi Isarnbjorn Ogenherdi FOR SHORT, that is his name. At least a part of it. That nobody really remembered. Or heard.”
Jason: “Uh-huh.”
Cameron: “Listen man, I don’t remember YOU ever listening to the whole thing!”
Jason: “Because the SUN would have risen!”
Cameron: “Oh, look at me, I don’t have the patience to listen for something for a week and a half. I’m so special, meh meh meeeh.”)

(Later, Helgi has just told an epic tale to some people and had a seriously impressive roll to win over their hearts and minds)

Cameron: “So, how did the crew take it?”
Julian: “They are enthralled, the work stops briefly, even the Captain is impressed.”
Cameron: “And Marcus and Gunnar?”
Julian: “Gunnar is enthralled. Marcus does his best to seem disinterested, but deep down, to his shame, he is intensely jealous of Helgi’s tale and loves it.”
Jason: “But…but…god damn it.”

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1 Response to Sometimes I feel like our parallel games have some serious Cloud Atlas shit up in here

  1. samjackson01 says:

    I want to read about the misadventures of young Helgi and Marcus!

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