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Quotes and anecdotes from our regular lives.

So this is where all the Nosferatu have been hanging out…

We interrupt your sporadically-scheduled writeups to share this TheBoldItalic article showing some rare shots of the actual storm tunnels still hidden under San Francisco. I want to go to there….

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I’m Kinda A Big Deal on Twitter

I seem to have fallen into the world of tabletop gaming at an opportune time in its existence. Not only is there a staggering variety of games out there–more than I ever thought existed–but RPGs seem to have reached an … Continue reading

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Aye, it be Talk Like A Pirate Day Night! A fine haul of wishes to you on this swashbuckling holiday, from Captain Anstis, and the rest of his scurvy crew!  

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The Dragon and the Con

This year, Kara and Jim initiated Chris and I in what is apparently the holiest of nerd holys, a bacchanalia of creativity and expression with a cast of tens of thousands. Dragon*Con. Long story short, we had an astounding time. So … Continue reading

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It’s just like the gypsy woman said….


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…And if I had to give her a clan, it’d be Tzmitsce.

MEANWHILE IN REAL LIFE: Me: “Yaaaaay, I am so excited for Lady Gaga tonight!!!! Although it’ll be weird, the last time I was at SAP Center, I decapitated four guys and fought a 30 foot flesh monster in the parking … Continue reading

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This is why you don’t go full Chinatown

MEANWHILE IN REAL LIFE: Jim: “What do you need to roll to find parking in SF? Drive plus perception?” Jason: “Actually it’s drive plus occult.”

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…At least it wasn’t “Exploding Pigeons”

MEANWHILE IN REAL LIFE: Last night I was playing online Cards Against Humanity with Jason, Ben, and Cameron. Fill-in-your-own white cards are allowed in this version, which was heretofore unbeknownst to me. So it was my round to be Card … Continue reading

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I’m learning how this GMing thing works….

MEANWHILE IN REAL LIFE: (A bunch of us saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier this weekend. Very minor spoilers ahead.)

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Well, now that Sebastian is dead we need someone new to haunt us IRL

Looks like The Englishman is in town: I should probably cancel any plans to visit Alcatraz anytime soon….

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